Magic on the Marsh




When Magic Happens and the universe provides you with everything you imagined. An incredible model, magical location and best of all an amazing friend who captures your vision perfectly through the lens.


Whilst planning this collaboration shoot with my beautiful friend, and exceptional photographer Michelle Troop (@lephotogenic) she expressed that this range of jewels would look amazing on someone with darker skin tones. Straight away Kathe came to mind. At this stage I did not know Kathe. I explained to Mishe that a few years ago I used to see this stunning woman, riding a bike around Broome in the wet season (hardcore), but I had not seen her in sometime. The very next market Kathe walked into my stall. She had just returned to Broome for a season. I could not believe my eyes. Without even introducing myself in my excitement, I blurted "Would you please model my jewels for me", her cool calm response was "I would be honoured".  I was instantly in awe of this amazing woman.  


Next was location scouting.  Mishe and I drove around Broome to a few locations, picking mulla mulla wildflowers along the way. No place was calling to us. I finally recalled that my bestie Lisa had mentioned to me a few weeks earlier that she had envisioned a photoshoot whilst riding her horse on the marsh. Open blue skies the full moon rising over the white ant hills amongst the golden grass and wildflowers, as the sun set over nearby Roebuck bay. Mystical Moon Magic!


We knew the shoot couldn't coincide with a full moon due to Mishe's short stay, but decided it was worth a look. As soon as we drove through the sandy track and out onto the vastness of the marsh, we were both instantly in awe and drawn to the magic of the landscape. We saw the magic Lisa had described. 


In our excitement we perhaps drove out a little to far, got a little bit bogged and caked the car in white clay. We then realised a 4WD was a must! So I called Lisa straight away and booked her as our chauffeur for the shoot with her old mustard beast 'The Colonel".   


Everything had fallen in place. So one fine afternoon we crammed the four of us into the 3 seater of Lisa's old FJ landcruiser, loaded the back up with jewels, clothes and props and Lisa's Kelpie Marlu and headed out onto the marsh to make some magic! 


☽ Photographer - Michelle Troop formerly @lephotogenic  ☾


☽ Model - Kathe ☾ 


☽ Jewels & Styling Celeste @lunarseadesigns


☽ Clothing - a mixture of vintage, Spell Designs & Arnhem 


☽ Location - the Marsh     






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