This is such an easy little DIY.

I've created this little blog for those that flooded my DMS and email!

I do not plan to make and sell currently as they would be to expensive due to time it takes to make.

I will however look at making some DIY kits available to those wanting to try this project in the New Year.

For those that can not wait here are some links and instructions on how I whipped up this pretty for the photoshoot of my next drop
Sol x Sea.

For the base I purchased my mirror from Kmart

My shells I have in abundance for my jewels but they are available on ebay in bulk, sliced, scalloped eg check this link

Pearls are abundant in opshops, spotlight, online etc!
You could use a hot glue gun, E600 ( the best ashesive in the biz, but so stinky/toxic.

For this project I chose a low tox, low VOCS silicone in white.
I did not have time to paint my mirror base white so the silicone helped give a white backdrop too!

Use clear if planning to paint plywood a contrasting colour.

I wore a mask and gloves as the silicone fumes are still intense.

I suggest having a play around with ideas and layouts first, then working in sections so adhesive is fresh!

Happy crafting lover.  

If you have any questions, please leave comments below.
mermaid mirror shell mirror diy 

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