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14K Gold fill & Sterling Silver

Handmade with love.

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Virgo Talismans

Virgo, the sixth sign of the zodiac, is represented by the symbol of a maiden and is known for its analytical and practical nature.

Virgos are detail-oriented, methodical, and hardworking individuals who strive for perfection in everything they do. They are also known to be modest, gentle, and helpful, making them great friends and reliable partners.

The Virgo star sign is associated with the element of Earth and is ruled by the planet Mercury. If you're a Virgo, embrace your inner perfectionist and use your analytical skills to achieve greatness in all aspects of your life!

Virgo birthstone - Garnet & Ocean symbol, the Sand Dollar.

Garnet is a powerful symbol of love, protection, and manifestation.

Sand dollars are known to symbolise peace, strength, and stability.  




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